Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Weekly Five

Lord knows whether or not I will maintain it or not, but my goal is to turn this into a weekly post every week. I realize it's lazy, but it will serve a couple purposes. For one, it's fun to write, and I only write what I feel like. Also, it will essentially force me to post more, which despite my best intentions, always turns into a roller coaster of three posts in a week then nothing for two or more weeks. So without further ado...

1. Random Article of the Week

When I was a young teenager, I became a huge fan of wrestling, principally because of The Rock and Stone Cold. Forget how awesome The Rock is? Here's a reminder. Anyway, I stopped paying attention, because I grew up, and also because a lot of the new stars (John Cena, etc) seem inherently uninteresting.

So anyway, I haven't thought about wrestling much at all since, but I came across this article on Grantland by David Shoemaker. If you are into articles that use phrases such as "a human stake in the action", "an ungainly pastiche" and "a Pavlovian enterprise" when talking solely about professional wrestling, this is the article for you.

2. Song of the Week

The honors this week go to Kanye West and Jay-Z for "Otis":

Anyone who knows me realizes me picking a Kanye song for my first "Song of the Week" is like the Globetrotters beating the Generals, but whatever. It's my favorite song this week, so get bent. Plus, tearing around in a chopped up Maybach looks like the most fun thing ever. Oh yeah, and Aziz.

3. This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse

As background, I don't believe in mediums, and don't necessarily believe in ghosts in general. I do think there's an afterlife, but ghosts are like Bigfoot to me. If they really exist, why do so few people see them, and why are most of such a stereotypical mold? Still, there is a Kindergarten in California who has been training divination for 38 years. I'm sure it makes perfect sense to some, but it seems like the fast track to a messed up childhood to me.

4. Vid of the Week

To kick things off, I am going with a classic Johnny Carson monologue:

I was about to turn 6 when Mr. Carson's last "Tonight Show" aired. However, starting in college, I became a huge retroactive fan. I find retroactive fandom fairly interesting. I think it proves that certain figures ("The Beatles", Richard Prior, Babe Ruth, etc.) were ahead of their time. Why else would they resonate with so many people who never had the chance to see them live as their contemporaries have?
Besides that, he's just extremely funny, so there you go.

5. Sports Stuff

My brother Dan is a huge fan of Miami Hurricanes football, also known as "The U". I've never been a big fan, but I can at least appreciate that they changed college football forever in the late '80s and early 90s. However, they are now on death row. Charles Robinson of Yahoo! blew the lid off of the whole program this week. Time will tell how serious it becomes, but it certainly seems like it's poised to blow OSU's jerseys and tattoos off of the face of the map.

So there you have it. This has been the first, and possibly last weekly(?) installment of "The Weekly Five". Hopefully it didn't completely suck.

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