Monday, July 25, 2011

The Death of a Friendship

I always try to be the bigger person.

To him: When you needed a place to live, I welcomed you into my home without question before we were even close. When I needed a friend after the worst break up of my life, you were there for me with an understanding ear. When we both needed a laugh, we were there for each other with goofy nicknames or funny videos or whatever other dipshit thing we were into at the time. When you needed plans for the 4th this year, I had you over to spend it with my girlfriend and our other friends. When I needed you to explain why you were talking to my now ex-girlfriend, you were completely silent. When you could have at least had the decency to let me know what was going on, you remained silent. When you already started seeing her, it was way too late.

I always try to be the bigger person.

To her: I honestly don't have much to say. To say our relationship was a whirlwind would be an insult to whirlwinds everywhere. You chose to come into my life and leave it just as quickly. We were never together long enough to form any real bond. Still, for you to go behind my back and start chatting up one of my (former) best friends is just plain wrong. To say you wanted to be my friend when knowing full well what you were doing was even worse.

I always try to be the bigger person.

To both: I honestly don't really want to say anything more after this. You aren't worth my time. You both say you want me to forgive you and be friends again. I always try to forgive, but I truly don't believe it will ever be possible. Why even try? I have so many much better friends who I can actually rely on and trust. Once my trust and respect for you is gone, there's really no going back. I realize this probably means very little to both of you, but I felt the need to say it anyway.

I always try to be the bigger person.

To everyone else: I don't want you to worry about me. I'm already fine. A girl who never meant much to me and a guy who never should have are both out of my life. I am the better for it. I know that someone who wants to be with me is out there. I also know I have a group of friends who would never, ever, do anything like this to me. Same how I would never do a friend like this.

I realize I'm not being the bigger man today, but I can wake up knowing I am the better one.

Congratulations Joe and Danielle. You certainly deserve each other.

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