Friday, July 1, 2011

U.S. of Eh?

As another Independence Day is nigh, one of my greatest pet peeves comes to mind. As a lifelong Minnesotan, I realize we have a bit of an accent, some of us more than others. It isn't that bad though. Someone needs to tell Hollywood that we are Americans, not Canadians. Believe me, I've been to Canada twice; it's insane how different it is from Minnesota. Plum sauce instead of sweet and sour? Whaaaa? Gravy instead of ketchup on fries? Delicious, but what the hell? My buddies and I were wearing golf shirts, and not particularly spectacular ones up there. They immediately knew we were Americans because we, "look(ed) like you came from a Gap catalog."

Yet, almost every time a movie based in Minnesota, they make all the characters sound like assholes. Remember Fargo? I demand reparations Coen brothers! You too, William H. Macy.

Look, I realize there is an anti-twang in our voices. I get it. But to go that overboard ridiculous with it is, well, overboard ridiculous. Even worse? Places like this who exploit this nonsense for profit. I'm sure they would call it pride but I call it perpetuating a stereotype.

I'm sure there are plenty New Yorkers, Bostonians, and Texans who feel my pain. It's easy to exaggerate. All I know is, I'm proud to be a Minnesotan and proud to be an American. Happy 4th!

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