Friday, May 27, 2011

A Typical Night Out

As I'm sure you've already noticed, my buddies and I like to go out for some drinks and merriment. Instead of writing about any specific tales, I will encapsulate every night we've had out in one post. Ready...go!

Guy 1: Where should we go tonight?

Guy 2: I don't know. I don't make it up here much, so maybe we should go to the same bar we go to every time I'm here since it's our favorite.

Guy 3: Yeah, maybe. We always go there though. Switching it up could be cool.

Guy 4: Let's just finish our game of Tiger Woods/NHL Hockey/Dance Central and figure it out after.

Guy 1: Deal.

(4 drinks each later)

Guy 1: Shit it's getting kinda late. Same bar we always go to?

Other 3: Yup!

Guy 2: I'll call a cab. Make sure you watch for it.

(30 minutes later)

Guy 4: (In an awful Pauly D voice) The cabs ahh heeeehhhaaa!

Guy 1: But I just opened a beer!

Guy 3: Why? You knew they were coming.

Guy 1: ...I'm an idiot. Screw it, I'll take it with.

(After traveling at the speed of light through town.)

Guy 2: Anyone else have cash?

(Deafening silence.)

Guy 2: Damnit.

Guy 1: I am absolutely drenched in beer right now.

(A few drinks are enjoyed and some sloppy shufflepuck is played. Then...)

Guy 1: Shots?

Guy 2: Nah. I don't want to go overboard tonight.

Guy 4: It's getting late. I'm trying to get on top of something. Who's coming with me!

Guy 3: ...fine.

Guy 4 to Random Girl 1: What winks and screws like a tiger. ::Violent winking::

Guy 3 to Random Girl 2: Your earrings are stupid.

(Painful silence. Both slink away without a word. More time and drinks pass.)

Guy 1: Shots?

Guy 2: YOU KNOW IT!!!!

I would keep going, but that's right around the memory cut-off time for me. The point is, there are many nights like many nights before them, but we always have a good time...except for the days after.

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