Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Year in Review: 11/10/2009-11/10/2010

First of all, I realize most people do yearly retrospectives based on the calendar (i.e. at the end of December). Screw that though, I feel like writing this now. Secondly, this post is incredibly self-serving, so if you don't particularly care for good old Tom, this might now be the post for you.

When I look back at my life a year ago, it's not the prettiest picture in the world. I was still working at the bank, and while I was surrounded by good company, I was miserable. I'm not good at foisting stuff on others, and that's really the only way I could have been successful. I left at the end of December and returned to the hotel on New Year's Day.

Working at the hotel allowed me to recharge my batteries. It was also nice that it was obvious (and stated) that I would be looking for a career while I was at the hotel. I never felt as though I had to sneak around and be secretive about my wheelings and dealings. Sure, the schedule wasn't the greatest, considering I was back to working nights and weekends. But at least I didn't want to throw myself through a window the whole time.

While working at the hotel helped out my overall happiness, my pocket book wasn't getting any thicker. Hence, me finding myself in my parents' basement (temporarily). Now, I finally found a job that I think I will like and know that it pays. I won't be apartment hunting immediately as I still have things to pay down. Still, it's nice to think that I will be in my own place soon on the horizon.

2010 has been the first year in awhile where I haven't really dated anyone. Largely, that has been by choice. I guess I feel like someone should have their house in order before they invite others into it. The other reasons are not in my hands, including I'm sure the whole parents' basement thing. Regardless, I think it was for the best. I've spent my time trying to get my present and future figured out, and the rest of my time having fun. Sounds good to me. I will take care of the rest later.

Now, I'm set to start the new job next week, and I can't wait. The only downside is I'm not allowed to have facial hair (no Movember for this guy), but I will gladly trade beards for money and happiness in a second.

So that's that. It will be interesting to see where I'm at next November, or whenever the hell I decide to do a year in review next.

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